Rino Millares - Multo.pdf


Zachary Larson

...Multo's high energy and enthusiastic sound make it a very enjoyable Pop Rock listen...

Rino Millares - Sana Wag Na Maulit.pdf

Sana Wag Na Maulit

Steven Azami

"...Very nice production, solid mix.  Good clarity and tonal balance.  Excellent pop harmonic progression, super catchy melody.."

Rino Millares - Share The Wealth - Song Review.pdf

Share The Wealth

Andre Avanessian

"...The vocal performances are certainly strong and both Emma and Julia have great chemistry with one another... The uplifting nature of the music itself matches the thematic qualities of the lyrics well..."

Isang Huling Yakap

Jon Wright

"...'Isang Huling Yakap' promises to strike a resonant chord among (m)any and everyone who has experienced profound loss in this life - revealing Rino Millares to be a poignant and emotionally discerning songsmith."

The New Christmas

Andre Avanessian

"...'The New Christmas' is both well performed and arranged, and is filled to the brim with Rino's superb sense of meody."